Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Stressed Out

Since last Monday, I’m already suffering from back pain. I guess the pain was triggered by work related stress.

So last night, I borrowed my father’s foot massager, stand on it and put the setting on high, the vibration was so strong that I can feel my entire back being massage as well. Right after the massage, I rubbed some Katinko ointment on my back, and the heat of the ointment soothes the pain on my back and I went to dreamland immediately.

I woke up with no back pain.

The stress was brought about by the new program we have to use at work. I and actually all of my colleagues at work and from other health facilities have to use the new program ordered by the Department of Health.

The program installation is so confusing. Every time I call the hotline of the Department of Health for queries I have regarding it, I have a hard time getting through the busy lines and the answers I get from them when I applied it to the program do not solve the problem. My work mates have to learn everything through the trial and error approach.
The results were some times fruitful and disastrous for others because some of the data were lost in the process.

I need to be connected to the internet to use this program and that adds trouble to me because our globe connection at the office is having problems, I don’t have internet connections after lunch. Grrrrrr…… And if our internet is working well, the server of the Department of Health would be down.

My supervisor is giving added pressure to me because he wants the program to be running smoothly by Monday next week.

I want my branch to be one of the first few branches of our company to be using this program but there are circumstances beyond my control. I cannot control the services of globe, the server of the Department of Health and the personnel of the MIS department of this agency to help me understand the flow of the program.

I will stop pressuring myself because my health is already affected. I will just do my best to make this program work. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that all will end well.


blessedmom said...

hi there! how's everything? hope ur stress-free today :)

jHeLea said...

kami din po ang server namin is globelines and there are times talaga na wala kaming connection at sometimes din sobrang bagal...nakakairita minsan services nila....


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