Monday, September 29, 2008

An Act of Kindness

Last Sunday morning, Elen, my brother’s girlfriend and I went to the local bakery to buy pandesal. On our way to buy the bread, we passed by a woman walking on the street. This woman is in her mid thirties carrying a child, about two years old in her arms. The woman’s hair looked liked it hasn’t been combed for days, she was really thin and her clothes were clean but looked worn out already. The baby is also thin liked her mother. We pitied the woman and her child.

We have placed already our order of pandesal and we were waiting for it when we noticed the woman we saw earlier asking for bread from the other people waiting for their orders as well. But she was just ignored.

I gazed at her and saw her very sad eyes and from her actions I knew she wasn’t mentally fit.

I asked her which bread she wanted to have and she told me she wanted pandesal. So, I requested the lady manning the bakery to give me ten more pandesal placed in a separate brown paper for the woman. As I handed the bread to her, I gave her also the small change I had from buying the bread.

It was a good thing I bought an extra amount of money with me that morning because I usually just bring the exact amount I need every time I buy pandesal. Without the extra money I wouldn’t be able to help the woman.

That incident was a good way to start a blessed filled week for me.


marites1034 said...

bless you! may your kind prosper. sometimes, we need to see that to know that the world is not yet lost, after all.

Maricel said...

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emotera said...

God indeed blesses those people who share what they have to the needy! Keep up the good work!

btw, thanks for visiting my blogs!

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Kwagoo said...

Wow.. an act of charity goes a long way! God bless you!

What the world needs now are people like you - those who have the compassion and the will to act for others.

reanaclaire said...

u r good.. God bless u..


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