Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Would you be a giver or a taker?

There was a man who was given a brand new car by his elder brother.

On his way to test drive the car parked by the curbside of the street he noticed a young boy admiring his car. The boy is one of those kids who live in the slum area near his place.

The boy told the man, “ Is this your car?”

The man replied, “ Yes, it is. This car is given to me by my elder brother.”

The boy said, “ Wow! I wish…. I wish….”

The man thought that the boy would say, “ I wish I have a brother who will also give me a car. “

But instead the boy uttered, “ I wish I can be like your brother so that I can give my younger brother a new car as well. “

The man allowed the boy to see the inside of the car.

The boy requested the man if he can get his younger brother, in order for the younger brother to see the car also. The man gave in to the boy’s plea.

The boy hurriedly runs towards his house to get his brother.

It took a while before the boy returned, that the man thought he would no longer come back.

It turns out that the younger brother is crippled and that the boy needs to carry his brother.

When the boy and the brother arrived to where the car was, he said to his brother, “ This is the car I’m telling you about. One day, I’m going to give you your own car. “

The man got misty-eyed witnessing the scene.

In life, we received a lot of blessings from God, we are then called to share these graces with others and not to hoard them all to ourselves.

Be blessings to others today!

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