Monday, July 28, 2008

Extreme Makeover ( Part I )

One of my favorite shows on television is Extreme Makeover. Extreme Makeover is a show by ABC and hosted by Ty Pennington. The show would select a deserving family from thousands who auditions, and then make extreme makeover on their house. It is actually no longer a make over because what the show does is to demolish the house to the ground and build a new one, complete with the top of the line furnishings and the latest home equipments in just a week. All the constructions happen while the family is on vacation sponsored by the show as well.

Last Sunday’s episode over at Velvet Channel features a truly deserving family. Jaime, the husband and the father of three young children, recently lost his eyesight due to a shooting incident. A deranged man on a shooting spree targeted Jaime on his way to work. The bullet aimed at him, pierced through his right eye, causing the lost of vision of both his eyes.

It has only been four months since the unfortunate event happened and Jaime finds it difficult to adjust to the changes in his life. Their house is not suited anymore to meet the needs of a visually impaired man.

But despite the nightmare, the family remains to be intact, loving and positive about life. When Jaime was asked if he has forgiven his shooter, he said that he already has, only he feels frustrated sometimes because he lost some sense of independence and has to rely on others even on the simplest task. The wife on the other hand said that she only wants to make things easier and comfortable for her wonderful husband. They don’t see their situation as a tragedy but a miracle because Jaime is still with them. He may have lost his eyesight but he still remains to be the affectionate, happy father and husband that he was before the shooting took place.

I haven’t seen yet the outcome of the makeover because the second part of the show will be aired next Sunday. I am looking forward for the part II of this makeover.

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rhia said...

hi. i also watch this show. it really melts my heart and makes me cry compared to drama shows. :P


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