Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Purpose In Life

Sometimes I feel this sense of emptiness inside. I feel I just exist day after day after day. There is that persistent question in my mind and the question is: Why am I here?

When I was still young I was so idealistic – I dreamed of being a doctor and serving the sick at far-flung places all over the Philippines. I will be living in poor villages, treating the sick without expecting to be paid; this was the mission I thought I was called to do.

Fast track to the present time; I was not able to fulfill my childhood dream; I am not even a doctor right now. And I ‘m still wondering how can I be of service to others?

What then is my purpose in life?

And then it hit me…while listening to the preaching of Bo Sanchez; he said our primary purpose in life is to love.

Often time, I think that our purpose in life have to be in a grand scale. It involves tremendous hardships and sacrifices, magnificent dreams and extraordinary visions. But in reality my purpose in life can be simply stated as to love.

My purpose is to love: to love God, to love others, to love myself and to love life.

Love confirms my existence. God created us to love us. And since we received overflowing blessings because of His love we are called to love Him through others.
This is my purpose in life.

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