Friday, July 11, 2008

Being Positive

Everywhere in the world, everyone can feel that life has been a lot challenging now than before (I refuse to use the words: hard or difficult because I want to stay upbeat, challenging would be more positive.) With fuel prices rising at an alarming rate, the prices of other commodities shoot high as well; budgets must be stretched to accommodate the changes in prices.

I know a lot of people are worried that their take home pay from work wouldn’t be enough to support the needs of their families.

But I would like to see things through a positive perspective. Instead of being anxious about things I cannot control like the state of our economy; I will focus my energy on finding ways on how to:

a. Augment my income
b. Stretch my budget
c. Save

I will post here in my blog things I have learned, applied and have found to be effective in my pursuit to be more financially stable. Watch out for those entries.

Let us all stay positive and happy!

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