Tuesday, May 06, 2008

On cooking, Nihongo and my Sunday date

My cooking skill is improving.Yehey! Every time, my father leaves for Bataan for some rest and relaxation, the task of cooking becomes my chore; it gives me the chance to cook for my brothers and they don’t have any choice but to eat it. But then, they don’t really have to suffer my cooking because so far everything I have been preparing for them taste good and they are not complaining. For Saturday, we had Chicken a la King and for Sunday, we had Spaghetti. And for next weekend, (I have been browsing through cookbooks ) we’ll have Beef Indian Curry and Homemade Burger Steak. I can’t wait for my next experiment.

Ogenki desu ka?” “ Genki desu.”
“How are you.” “I’m fine.”

I have been learning a lot of Nihongo phrases and I had a chance to practice these words with Boyet over the weekend. I bought a book last week on Basic Japanese and the book has been a great help to me. It has allowed me to learn how to construct and translate simple Japanese sentences. This studying, is in preparation for my formal Nihongo classes I’m about to take with Boyet (when he already have the time for it, he has been busy these past few weeks.)

Why am I studying Nihongo? Well, I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak another language and I’ve been fascinated by the culture of the Japanese. Another reason is I want to help Boyet and be his partner in practicing Nihongo. Boyet’s sister wants him to learn Nihongo since their family business does a lot of transactions with Japanese.

Boyet and I went to Market!Market! in Taguig last Sunday to watch “Iron Man.” We both enjoyed the movie and we can’t wait for the sequel. Astig si Tony Stark ! I hope those who already watched the movie waited until the ending of the closing credit to see the scene of Robert Downey Jr with Samuel Jackson, hinting that there is a sequel of the movie.

Wow, the movie trailers excite the movie addict in me. I am looking forward to the following movies: Indiana Jones, Journey to the Center of the Earth ( with Brandon Fraser, my crush ), Narnia’s Prince Caspian, Hell Boy 2 and I forgot the title of the cartoon about the Panda who does Kung Fu.

After the movie, we went around Market!Market! to scout for a pair of pants for me. Then we had to leave at around 6:30 pm because we had to close the shop at Marikina.

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