Friday, June 23, 2006

A Wonderful Suprise

It has been five days since Yet's last email. My five messages for him was left unaswered. What is wrong with him? Even if he was tired from work, he really makes it a point to send me email everyday, he knows that these messages comfort me and lessen the loneliness of being miles apart. I really missed him a lot and without hearing from him for days makes me miss him more.If I could, I would fly to Japan just to be with him.

And then, there he was, standing by the office entrance door. He never mentioned in his email that he was homebound.

I was so suprised, that I just stared at him, unable to recognize the person by the door. I wasn't able to utter anything until he went over to where I was and gave me a hug. I missed him so much but at that particular moment, all longing I have for him was washed away.

But the suprise, does not end there, he led me to a corner in my office and pulled out a gold ring from his pocket and asked me to wear it. He said, " o yan engaged na tayo."

I could relive this moment over and over again. I am so happy.

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