Saturday, May 28, 2005

Samu't Saring Kwento

I know I've been mistreating my blog, it's just a bad case of tamaditis, atchaka, gusto kong ibahan ang format ng blog ko pati yung title kasi masyadong madrama eh... sa totoo lang, noon yon, ngayon ayoko ng maging drama queen. I'm the happy and stronger version of me.
From now on,I'll really make it a point to write here often.
Andami ko kasing ibang sinusulatan eh. I have a gratitude journal, a spiritual journal at iba pa yung personal journal ko.
So far, lahat hindi up to date.
Gusto ko kasi yung gratitude journal because it teaches me to be grateful to the many blessings God has given me; even in a very bad day, there's still a lot of things to be thankful for.
My spiritual journal is to constantly remind me of my spiritual journey. I know I have neglected my spiritual life for a long time now and because of this a lot of things have gotten on the wrong place. My spiritual journal is there as a reminder of how God patiently guides me to where He wants me to be.
My personal journal is the day to day account of my life.
My blog is the part of me that I can share with others, eh hindi naman lahat pwede i-publish di ba? Not that I have a lot of things to hide, it's just that there are some things I'm not comfortable sharing.

Antipolo Outing.
Went to Antipolo last April 23 with Boyet's family ( his mom, Kuya Buboy and his wife Ate Michell with their kids: Mickey, Mike and Miles, Ate Nemia and husband Kuya Bong and their kids:Euka, Eunice, Boknoy and Panching ) my brothers Paul and D.A with his girlfriend Juliet.
At first, I was hesitant to join Boyet' s family for the outing since it's the first time I've seen all of them except for Kuya Buboy but they were all nice, and I was comfortable being with them.
I woke up Boyet at 6:00 in the morning for the trip and woke up Paul and D.A. also. I then helped Papa cooked the spaghetti and fried chicken for our baon, and prepared other things like the snacks and drinks. It was already 9:00 am when Boyet went to our house to pick us up.
The original plan was just to go to Nature's Camp at Cainta because according to Kuya Buboy aside from swimming, they also have a mini zoo and they offer mountain climbing; but when we went there we were disappointed because the place was so small.
So, we just headed to Loreland instead at Antipolo.
The resort is okey and it has thirteen swimming pools but since it's a Saturday when we went there the place was crowded with people.
But the little mishap did not stop us from enjoying our outing.
After lunch, we went swimming already. Boyet, Paul, D.A, Juliet and I searched for a pool where we can swim and not that crowded with people. We choose the pool that has the overlooking view of Antipolo. Few people were swimming in that pool because the water was so cold, but we stayed there because of the view that it offers plus only few people were swimming there. We then transferred to another pool which is 6 feet deep when we can no longer bear the cold temperature of the pool with the overlooking view. I was hesitant to swim at the pool which was 6 feet deep because I'm not a good swimmer but Boyet is a good swimmer so I went there also for a swim. I was confident swimming the whole length of the pool because Boyet was patiently watching over me as a swim. We tried the other pools and really didn't stop swimming till it's time to go home except for the snacks we had in between trying other pools.
I was exhausted but happy when we went home.

Pope John Paul II

I had a chance to see the pope twice when he went to Manila in 1995 during the World Youth Day. I was one of the delegates awaiting the passing of the pope automobile along Roxas Boulevard . I just caught a glimpse of him that would only last for a minute but left an impression on me that would last for a lifetime. The encounter was different from any experience - I felt like I had a chance to see God through him. He radiates a sense of peace and joy that you can also feel as well.
When the pope passed away, I rummaged through my things to search for my WYD souvenirs because I wanted a memory of him.As I do my searching, I was reminded of the message of the World Youth Day: "As the Father has sent me so am I sending you."
Eleven years has passed since the pope visit, and eleven years later I was more anxious about having a successful career, being materially well-off and of conforming to what the world considers important. I admired people who are famous, powerful and rich...with the John Paul II's passing I am reminded again of some of the essential truths I've learned from him.....
Goodness and Kindness
That what's important is to have goodness and kindness of heart, (most people would think of goodness and kindness as a sign of weakness.) when I die, and I faced my Lord,I'm stripped of everything except the amount of love I have in my heart and the many good deeds I've done to others.
On suffering
How people would shunned suffering as a sign of failure, of weakness. Pope John Paul II appeared before people in his infirmaties as a sign that one can suffer with dignity, as a way to say, our suffering , our cross should make us closer to God. Suffering in peace, in acceptance of God's will is the cross which we carry if we want to follow God.
Close Attention to People
People who had close contact with him noted that when he talked to people, he gives his 100% attention - everything said, felt and even hidden emotions conveyed by the person he's talking to is important to the Pope. A trait , I must learn to have. A million things crossed my mind that sometimes, i really don't comprehend what was spoken to me. Perhaps, the reason he nad the ability listening and not just hearing is because he knew what's important-loving God through loving others.Listening to others is a way of showing them that we care for them. How much in a day do I stop thinking about myself and my concerns and really think about the needs of others?
"Be not afraid,"is one of his favorite things to say, as if saying God in his wisdom designed everything to be in its perfect place and time. The reason we're afraid is because we don't know how to trust. We must learn to trust in God's love for us - that he plans something special for us. I know most of the time I would rather trust my own inadequacy than allow God to take the steering wheel of my life.
Pope John Paul II is home with God. His life is celebration of a life of a man who loves God above all else.


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