Sunday, February 27, 2005

My Valentine's Day

My Valentine

I just love Valentine’s Day, it’s the day I received flowers, all year round, this is the only day I have beautiful flowers given to me. I feel like it’s not Valentine’s at all if I don’t have any flower given to me.

This year, I really requested Boyet to give me flowers for Valentine’s ( di na ko nagpakipot pa, sabi ko sa kanya bili niya ko kahit isang rose lang.) But he was generous enough to give me a bouquet of flowers which really made my day!

The bouquet ( I’m not really good with describing things, ) is made up of three white roses, a couple of Malaysian mums in purple, red and yellow colors, it has white carnations and baby breaths arranged all together in a pink wrapper, held in place by a pink ribbon. Ang ganda talaga, to think , si Boyet pa talaga ang namili ng flowers na ipapaarrange.

At 6:00 in the evening, I went to St. Joseph to hear mass. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, married couples were given a chance to renew their marriage vows. Sobrang kinilig Ako sa misa – there were a lot of married couples who wanted to get married all over again but what really caught my attention was a couple in their 70’s renewing their pledge of love for each other, sobrang in love sila sa isa’t isa. During the mass, lolo was holding lola’s hand and he even gave her a long stemmed red rose. The old lady was even crying after saying her vows ( maloko kaya si lolo dati) and lolo placed his arm over her shoulder. I hope when I get married someday, my husband would still want to hold my hand and still kiss me on the lips and still gives me flowers even if were already in our twilight years.

Msgr Jun said in his homily, Valentine comes from the word “valere,” which means my strength and my worth. So if someone says to you “would you be my valentine?, “ it means” would you be my strength and my worth?” So did someone tell you today if you could be their valentine’s?

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