Thursday, February 17, 2005

Birthday Party!

So, how did I celebrate my birthday?

Well, I really don't celebrate my birthday with a party, usually it's just a day of being grateful for the year that was and the year to come and just having a quiet dinner with family. But, Boyet insisted on having a party for me - how can I say no to someone who was very excited for my birthday than I was so I gave in to the request.

My birthday was on the 7th of February and since it's a Monday, I thought it would be more convenient if I had the celebration on a Saturday, so I had my guests coming on February 5.

February 5, I woke up early to clean our house and to prepare the things needed for the afternoon celebration. I prepared baked spaghetti and barbeque. Papa coached me with the red sause and Tina ( Paul's gf ) with the white sauce on top of the pasta. Boyet, arrived as early as 10 am to help Paul do the barbeque and by 1 pm, we went to Goldilock's and he bought me my birthday cake and I bought a Cathedral, to add to the food we were to serve. I was so excited about the birthday cake since this was the 4th time I had a birthday cake. My first birthday cake was when I turned 1 and the rest was when I was 7, 24 and now that I turned 26. My birthday cake was rectangular in shape and it has three layers of different flavored chiffon cake. The flavors from top to bottom were: chocolate, mocha and butter. On top of the cake, it has light brown icing and instead of candied flowers and leaves as designs ,it had round chocolates topped on the sides. So, yummy! I also have Double Dutch ice cream and eggpie to serve (courtesy of Juliet and Beth ).

While waiting for my friends to arrive - Boyet and Paul bought down the television and vcd player so we can watched movies on vcd or have a videoke.

Tina and Kringkring were the first to arrive at around 3pm ( children's party, kasi itong birthday ko eh ), then Juliet (D.A.'s gf)Silvy, Beth, Melds, Albert, Sunshine and Tara came. I had a great time being with my friends. Everyone commented on how delicious my baked spaghetti was ( syempre, proud naman ako, sabi ko order na lang sila sa akin, he...he...he....). We watched "The Punisher, " and "Indiana Jones' The Last Crusade," and then we had videoke all night ( again, ako nanaman yung kumanta ng kumanta ).

I had to share with you the birthday presents I had:

Tina - shirt
Kring - stuffed pillows
Silvy - lamp
Beth - egg pie
Juliet - ice cream
Melds - pen holder
Tara - Pugad Baboy comics
Boyet - three pairs of silver earrings
Paul - shirt

It was a wonderful day! I felt so loved and appreciated by all these people who came to spend with me my birthday celebration! And now, I'll make it a yearly practice to have a simple gathering on my birthday. Thanks Boyet , for insisting that I have this party.

On February 7, which was really my birth day, I heard mass at St Joseph's and for dinner we had pizza. First time we ordered New Yorker Style Pizza from Pizza Hut and I really loved it. I have replaced Super Supreme with New Yorker Style Pizza as my favorite pizza.

So, this is how I spent my birthday.

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