Friday, November 26, 2004

My list

Inspired by Jamie's list on the movie "A Walk To Remember," here's my own list.
1.Try diving
2.Do mountain climbing
3.Establish my own business
4.Play the guitar
5.Write my own book ( have it published )
6.Speak another language ( Spanish, Niponggo or French )
7.Learn to bake
8.Buy a car and a house
9.Be a good teacher
10.Have a volunteer work ( most probably offering tutorials for free )
11.Enrol for Masteral Studies
12.Travel to Boracay, Palawan, Bohol and Sagada
13.Visit Paris, France
14.Be married and have kids
15.Fix my parents' house
16.Live in a foreign country ( for only a period of time )
17.Experience snow
18.Go to Disneyland ( either in Florida, Japan or even in Hongkong when it opens there by 2005 )
19.Join an adventure race ( ala Amazing Race )
20.Ride an airplane
21.Cruise on a ship
22.Improve my blogspot ( add pictures and tagboard )
I'll add more to this list next time. Got to work first.

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