Saturday, December 11, 2004

My Ian

I watched the news last night and I was expecting the same bad news as always, but I was suprised to finally hear some good ones.

I'm so happy to hear that there were four survivors rescued from the building that collapsed in Real, Quezon. Their story of survival is truly inspirational. I'm actually thinking of having a bracelet done with the name "Ian" either inscribed in it or a beaded bracelet spelling Ian. Why? It is because someone by the named of Ian has inspired me to look on the brighter side of things. I'm thinking that somehow that bracelet can remind me of that person's courage, faith and compassion. Who is Ian?
He's one of those people pulled out of the rubble yesterday. Ten days ago, due to the continous rain, people from Bo. Poblacion were forced to evacuate and seek protection from the flood inside the Refador Building, but unfortunely the building was not stong enough, it collapsed and trapped many people. Rescuers were able to retrieve dead bodies but were not hopeful that their were still survivors from the tragedy. But miracles do happen, after 10 days, four people trapped inside the building were saved. One of those is Ian.

Ian said that on the night of that fateful day, he and a friend went to the building to attend a prayer meeting when the heavy rains started to pour and all he could remember was a loud sound ,debris falling and the building was collapsing. He and three others lay motionless on the basement floor unable to go out. For ten days, the four would drink from a small pot that collect water from liquid leaking out from an opening, they would past the time by exhanging stories, singing of church hyms and praying. According to this young lad , it seems like they only stayed there for just three days and all throughout his ordeal he never lose hope and belief that he will come out alive.

If I was the one trapped would I still remain steadfast in faith? Little mishaps in life would sometime overwhelm me and put me into despair. But hearing their story made me reexamine my approach to life's trial and realized I'm far from the faith Ian had shown during those darkest hours in his life. I believe he was instrumental in keeping the old lady's sanity intact. When the old woman would cry, Ian would gently hushed her and engaged her in a conversations just to be able to forget the tragedy of their situation. Ian was not only concerned about himself but also compassionate enough to take care of someone as helpless as he is. My compassion for others lessens when I'm in trouble, I can't seem to find the strength to help others when things were rough. I hope I'll be more responsive to other people's need despite my own inadequacy.

Borrowing a line from a movie " Greatness even how small lives with a man." I know the experience of Ian will inspire him to greater heights. And the reason that he is still alive is because God has commissioned him to do a special mission, maybe it is to inspire, for surely he has inspired me a great deal.

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