Friday, November 26, 2004

Morning Reflections.......The Praying Hands

My morning routine starts with praying and reading the bible. I fixed my bed and do some stretching exercise. Lately, while exercising I would tune in to "Magandang Umaga Bayan," on t.v. I loved their segment "Kape't Pandesal," it made my day just right with these morning reflections.

I would like to share with you the reflection made by Fr.Roy. It started with a beautiful story on how the painting entitled "The Praying Hand."came about ( side kwento muna tayo: I've read in "God in the Small Stuffs," that you must learn how to say a good story. So this is my good story, something that inspires and this is what I intend to share when someone wants to hear a story from me.) Albert and Frank are good friends who shares the same passion - painting. They both wanted to study painting but unfortunately they both came from poor families so they can't pursue their desires. Both got employed as a factory worker. They decided that they can still fulfill their dreams if one would work and send the other to school and when the other is done studying should shoulder the expenses of the other for painting lessons. Frank voluntered to work while Albert studied. After several years, Albert informed Frank that he's through with his studies and now ready to send his friend to school. Frank was happy for his friend, but declined the offer to go schooling. Albert said that it is now his time to repay Frank's goodness. Frank still said no because his hands was now calloused and crooked due to his work in the factory. One time while Frank was praying, Albert painted Frank's praying hands. The hands, to whom Albert owed a lot. The painting was known as the "Praying Hands," and is considered one of the one hundred great paintings of all time. Fr Roy ended his reflection by asking "To whose hands do you owe your life?" Its now the time to be grateful not only to the people who has done good things to us but most especially to our Heavenly Father who patiently looks after us.

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