Wednesday, October 06, 2004

wonderful tuesday

What a wonderful tuesday!.

My morning started with Boyet giving me a pillow. It's a powerpuff throw pillow with Bubbles as the design. He brought me the pillow to make me sleep comfortably while in the office during lunch break. You see I have the habit of napping in the afternoon. After lunch, I really feel drowsy and I need to doze off even for a few minutes or else I'll be slow and irritated the rest of the day. The nap afforded me a chance to regenerize myself.

Midmorning, Mr Catindig, our Operations Manager, called. I'm usually apprehensive when he calls because it's usually has something to do with sales, how we must improve our sales and get more clients. But I was so suprised when he told me to tell Boyet that he(Mr. Catindig) appreciated the work Boyet did yesterday,since Boyet was able to surpass the quota set and continue to keep up a job well done.I'm so happy for Boyet, that his work is recognized. Even if the praise was directed to Boyet who's my co-worker , I'm so motivated to work even harder today.

Come lunchbreak we were able to reach our target number of clients already, at least the rest of the afternoon will be a bliss. Meeting a target number of clients can be very stressful. Well, I'm not really in charged of the sales, it is Boyet's job, but working at the same site, I also feel the pressure.

After work, there's the racket (he...he...he...) that I must attend to and evening classes to go to. I'm a very busy gal. But since, I still have two hours to burn before my 7:00 pm class, I went to St. Joseph's Church to hear mass. I need to quiet my soul , listen to God and thank Him for the graces He has showered me with.

At my Guidance and Counselling class, I got a perfect score for my written unit test. Ang galing noh! Working and studying at the same time yet still delivering well in both. Unlike, when I was a full time student at UST, I was not really doing my best. I feel that I shortchanged myself during that time. Anyway, thanks for second chances. I enrolled in a supplemental course in education because I wanted to prove something to myself......that I'm good and capable of anything I put my focus into.

By the way, before heading off to my class, I saw a book on feature writing. I promised myself I'm going to buy one so I can polished my skill in writing. Who know's I might excel in it and even have an article published on national circulation. Yeah, me becoming famous.

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