Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I love shopping alone. Most girls would love to shop with other girlfriends or with their special someone for bonding. I don't. The reason behind this would probably because I don't want my companion to get tired. You see when I shop I really browse for the thing I like and that would take a lot of trips to different stores.When you're with someone you have to think of them - being bored or tired. Plus, I view my shopping as a time to treat myself. And usually after shopping, I would eat alone at a food stand that I haven't tried at all. It afforded me the time to just be with myself and I actually enjoy it.

People close to me would say I'm kuripot or stingy but I view it as wise spending of money, I just know hove to handle my finances well. I went to my friends's house and his grandfather asked to see my hands because his grandfather was into palmistry. The grandfather told me if he's a lot younger he'll marry me because according to him the lines in my palm indicate how I'm able to control myself in spending and I'm good at budgetting. My would be husband won't go poor if he had me.

But it doesn't mean that I shortchanged myself in food or clothes. I dont' sacrifice the quality just to save.I just know if something is worthspending for or not. And just because I'm stingy doesn't mean that I have a hard time sharing my blessing with others. It's actually the opposite because I know how to handle my money it gives me opportunity to save and share with others what I have.

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