Thursday, October 28, 2004

ala lang...magulo lang ang isip

"One who recognizes his faults diminishes its consequences." ( from the book of Sirach, forgot the verse number)

I hope it's not yet too late for me to undo all the wrong things I've done.

Everything that's happening right now is worrying me to death. I'm so stressed out. What was I thinking when I did that? Sheesh...... If I can just go back in time.

May I wish again that this solution I'm thinking now is the right one.

After working for three years here at _____, I've finally realized it is the time for me to move on and explore other options. There's this desire within me telling me how good it is to be able to hand over your resignation letter to the hr department and finally be able to say "I'm finally out, goodbye, I'm done here."But the sad thing is I don't want to go jobless as we enter the holiday seasons. Plus, my brother is still out of work and my family badly needs my salary. And our boarding house is still short of boarders. What a life I'm living right now!

But on the positive side of things, my family may be experiencing financial woes but were still not that down compared to those who don't have anything more to eat, wear and stay in. I'll just need to hang on.

Whatever difficulty I'm faced right now, God must have allowed it all to happen because He has a greater plan in store for me. He will never let me down if I'll just learn to put all my trust in Him and follow His will.

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