Sunday, August 26, 2012


Right after visiting St Pio of Pietrelcina Center, my classmates, my brother and I decided to have lunch at Pan de Amerikana's Upside Down Bakery and Restaurant in Katipunan, Quezon City.

It was our first time to visit the restaurant so we rode a taxi from Libis to Katipunan which was just a short ride.  If you are coming from Ateneo de Manila University, it is a few meters from the intersection of Katipunan and Boni Serrano Avenue.  It is situated in between the Caltex and Petron Gas Stations.  

You will not miss it because it is the only structure there that is upside down. Hehehe.  It looks like an upside down Swiss chalet complete with an upside down Land Rover.  Actually, it is the only upside down restaurant in Southeast Asia. :)

What we really liked about the place was the ambiance.  Although the place was not airconditioned, it was  really airy inside because of the fans and the plants inside. Two sets of hanging tables and chairs complete with plates, forks. spoons and glasses were hanging from the ceiling.  There was also a hanging piano on one side of the ceiling.  And I don't want these things to fall on me.  

You can also see that the owner was a chess enthusiast because the tables they had at the restaurant where chess tables and there were several chess pieces on display too.  The Pan de Amerikana's branch in Matikina has a chess theme.

The food they offered at the restaurant were affordable and delicious. 

The first Pan de Amerikana restaurant is in Marikina City.  Some of the food they had on their menu were some dishes that originated from Marikina so we had to try the Waknatoy and the Everlasting.

They say that each household in Marikina City would have the said dishes present at all of their celebrations.

Waknatoy is a pork dish that is very similar to Menudo.  It has pork, liver, potatoes, carrots, tomato sauce and pickles which is not present in Menudo.  They say that this dish was very common in Marikina that people often complain seeing this dish on the table that they say "Ito na naman, wag na to."  And that's how the named was coined.  It tasted delicious and I won't say "wak na toy," unless this dish is serve to me everyday.

Aside from Waknatoy, we also ordered Everlasting.  Perhaps it got its name not because the food don't get spoiled but because like Waknatoy,it is ever present in all family gathering.  This dish is similar to Embutido.  But unlike embutido that's rolled in aluminum foil, everlasting is place in a llanera to cook.  This yummy treat is made from ground pork, raisins, onions, tomato sauce, eggs and garlic.

We also had Tinumis which is a dish with gabi leaves and coconut milk


We did not have a picture of the Sinigang na Isda because we had it as an additional order

We did not leave the place without bringing home their specialty ensaymada.

I was expecting that there are other breads available but they only sell wheat pandesal and wheat ensaymadas.  

Their ensaymadas were really huge and made from wheat flour, magarine and sugar and baked in brick oven or pugon. The ensaymadas were like how it was made in the 1950s.   No fillings and other toppings on their ensaymadas unlike the ensaymadas that most popular bakeries and bread stores sell nowadays. But even if its ingredients are that simple it is really soft, delicious and very filling.  I can only eat one because it is really big.  The ensaymadas were also very affordable at P12.00 each. 

So if you are looking for a good place to eat along Katipunan that is delicious and affordable why don't you give Pan de Amerikana's Upside Down Bakery and Restaurant in Katipunan a try. :)


Michelle said...

What an amazing place! I love the photos and hope I get to visit this restaurant one day!

unikorna said...

I really admire and envy you and your family for taking such exciting trips. You do sound like you have the most amazing time and the food looks amazing.

EastCoastLife said...

I fell in love with pandesal when I was in Manila in yr 2002. I missed them.... and the ensaymadas. *sob*

Vera said...

I still haven't been able to visit this place, somehow I miss it when I pass through Katipunan Avenue. If I'm from Boni Serrano do I take a left on Katipunan, or right?

joy said...

Hi Vera,

From Boni Serrano, turn right, going to White Plains. :)

Island hopes said...

hahahaha, ang galing naman! I can't believe I haven't seen this place before.


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