Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is It Time For A New Laptop?

I am having problems with my laptop.  It wouldn't boot and every time that happens I need to reformat it.  Last week, I have to reformat it three times.  And because of that my online work is hampered.  I cannot complete the maximum 40 hours on my oDesk.  Imagine the time lost to reformatting plus I need to download the oDesk team application and my dropbox folder.  I am just grateful that my brother allows me to use his desktop.  But I cannot work continuesly on his computer because he has to use it also.  It doesn't help that our notebook is having problems as well.

I cannot buy a new laptop now because I am in a steep budget right now.  There were a lot of expenses these past two months that my savings got drained a little bit.  But I really badly need a laptop because I used it for work.

I wish I can avail of the loan being offered by TechSmart store.  They offer Army & Navy Loans for active military personel, as well as Loans for Government Employees.  You don't need to have a past credit rating to be approved for Military Furniture Financing, electronic gadgets like laptops, jewelry, etc.  Applying for their loan is very easy too; you can apply for your loan online, once approved you can choose from their stores or online stores what you want and finally sign your contract digitally and then the item will be delivered to you.  Paying for your loan is easy because of their low monthly payments.

I guess I'll have my laptop check first by a computer technician and see if it can still be repaired and from there I'll decide whether I'll buy a new one or not.

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austinbreath said...

I think that buying new laptop is very good option for you instead of repair it you. If it is not in your budget, then you will plan it and try to save some money for it from now.

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