Friday, August 17, 2012

My Little Clouie

I have been meaning to blog about my pet dog, Clouie, but I was not able to do so until now.  Clouie is a Japanese Spitz crossbreed Pomeranian.  A very small dog but nonetheless very sweet and charming.  She has been with us for four months already.

I am not really fond of dogs, actually of all types of animals.  I have developed a phobia before for any four-legged animal because a stray cat scratch my leg when I was a young girl.  Since then I don't want to touch or be touched by any animal.

Clouie was brought home by my brother one summer night despite my disapproval for any pets inside the house.  But Clouie looked so helpless as a puppy and I don't have the heart to let her sleep outside our house.  My brother was able to convince me that once she's old enough, he'll put her outside the house but for the mean time she'll sleep in my brother's room.

I've surprise myself with how my fear of dogs or of any other animals have disappear because of Clouie.  It was a gradual change for me over the course of four months.  It started with me patting Clouie in the head while she was being held by my brother.  It was hard for me to do that at first.  There's this feeling of fear that she might bite me whenever  I hold her.  I would play with her before in my pants and shoes because I don't want being licked.  The shoes were my protection in case she bites or licks me.

But now I can't imagine a day without holding Clouie in my arms or having her kiss me in the cheeks or play with her.  Today, we went for our evening walk and I plan to that again tomorrow and the next day after tomorrow. :)

She's such a sweet dog.  Every time I go home after leaving her for an errand, she would be waiting for me at the top of the stairs and her tail would wag.  It's hard to work at home because she would interrupt my work every now and then because she wanted to be held or to play.  She wouldn't bark at me but she would stand by the door of my room and sits there with her eyes pleading for attention.  I don't know but I know when she wants to play, or just to be cuddled or she's bored, or she wants water. Clouie knows when I am sad because one day when she saw me crying out of frustration, she sat at my side and looked me with her sad eyes.

I know people without dogs couldn't relate because that how I was when Clouie wasn't still with us.  But those with dogs know where I am coming from. There's really that connection between humans and dogs.....indeed dogs are man's best friend.

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jennyL said...

awww .. Clouie looks so cute! Meron din akong 3yrold dog named Sophie, you can see her at my blog. I'm very sure you'll be attach more to Clouie. Dogs are sweet and loving so do take care of her. Can't help commenting here.. also dropped EC hehe


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