Friday, May 11, 2012

A Day At The Avilon Zoo

It has been ages since the last time I went to the zoo.  I was only four when my parents brought me to the Manila Zoo and never been back to the zoo until now.

My siblings and I usually go out of town every time there's a holiday or long weekend break, and May 1, 2012, being a holiday, our itchy feet just can't seem to spend the day at the house.  The holiday being on a work week, we had to go to a place nearer to Quezon City so that we still have ample time to rest after a visit to whenever we want to go.

So Avilon is the place to go for this day trip.

AVILON ZOO is the largest zoological park to date in the country with a sprawling 7.5 hectares of land for the animals.  Avilon which means "land of the bird," showcased so many beautiful animals.  The place is clean and well-organized; the staff are courteous and the animals are well-fed and well-taken care of.

HOW TO GET THERE - Avilon is located at Barrio San Isidro, Montalban, Rizal.   Avilon is beside Noah's Park.  So if you have a lot of time in your hands you can also visit Noah's Park and take a swim at this beautiful resort.  My siblings and I went to Noah's Park in 2010.

How to reach Avilon?

by car From Aurora Boulevard turn left towards the Marikina Overpass, upon alighting from the overpass this long stretch of road is known as A. Bonifacio Street. Along this road, you will pass by the Riverbank Mall, Loyola Memorial Cemetery and the Marikina Bridge. After the Marikina Bridge turn left to J. P. Rizal Avenue that will pass through Concepcion, Fairlane, Green Heights , Green Meadows and finally you will see the Welcome Arch of San Mateo, Rizal. Continue transversing this long stretch of road until you spot the Welcome Arch of Rodriguez, Rizal. You will not get lost just follow a jeepney plying the Montalban route.

Once you've entered Montalban (now called Rodriguez) be on the look out for the Total Gas Station. Turn left on the first street after the gas station and then turn right. You will see a narrow road in between a water spillway.

Cross that narrow road, turn left towards the first street, you will see a sign that says this way to Avilon Zoo  You will not missed it because there's a quarrying site near the street.

From here it will become a bumpy ride to Avilon because its just a dirt road. Just follow the signboard for Avilon Zoo and you will not be lost.

by public vehicle - ride either an FX or Jeep with a Montalban sign at Cubao, alight at Total Gas Station and then just ride a tricycle to Avilon. Make arrangements with the driver to pick you up later in the afternoon when you're about to go home because only a few tricycles pass through Avilon Zoo.


Adult - P300.00
Children - P200.00
Children below a year old - FREE
20% discount for senior citizens
Tour guide service - P400.00

Weekdays 8:00a.m to 5:00 p.m.
Weekends and Holidays 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

WHAT TO SEE and DO AT THE PARK - There's just too many animals to see at the Avilon Zoo. There are many species of birds, monkeys,bears,turtles,wild pigs,crocodiles; so I just picked the ones that are my favorite.

1. The wide lagoon where the black swans and wild ducks swim and roam freely, interacting with the visitors.

2. Koi fish pond - the fish pond full of colorful koi fish

3. Capybara - the capybara is the largest rodent in the world.  It is as big as a dog. Yipes! Imagined a rat as big as that inside your house.

4. This huge white tiger - my first time to see this very big tiger, very scary. This one I think is taller than me.  The tiger kept on pacing back on forth around his huge cage; I guess he was hungry and he wanted to attack and eat us. :)  This was bf's favorite. He was just amazed to see this animal.

5. This very calm leopard - The leopard was oblivious to the people staring at him.  He sat near the cage and was never interested at looking at us which was far different from the white tiger.

6. Flamingos - The flamingos were beautiful and they looked really graceful standing on one leg.

7. Black Bear - I failed to take a picture of this bear as he peels and eats the bananas being thrown at him. Visitors can feed him 4 bananas for P20.00

8. Have your picture taken with these colorful birds

9. If you want  you can have a picture with Trixie, the orangutan, too.

10. Feed the guinea pigs at the Petissimo station

Side Notes

1. Wear comfortable shoes or slippers because you'll do a lot of walking while you are at Avilon.

2. You can bring your own food to Avilon.  There's a lot of designated places you can eat around the area.

3. Bring water while touring the area especially on a hot day.  The place is really huge.  There's so much to explore.

4. There's a canteen inside the Avilon so food and water will never be problem.

5. The zoo sells koi fish and guinea pigs.

6. There's a souvenir shop inside the zoo.


jellybelly said...

You got a nice of the white tiger. He wouldn't keep still for me to take a decent photo :) Thanks for the visit!

Enchie said...

Hindi pa ako nakakapunta dito. Will put this as a must-go-to place for this year. Thanks for posting about it Joy :D

unikorna said...

It looks like you had a lovely time, I loved your photos...what a shame I'll never be able to reach that side of the world.

Dave Pascht said...

The kids will enjoy there so much!

sim said...

your blog is not only nice and wonderful. It does gives goose bumps at times but I

still want to read as being too inquisitive into it. At the same time, you said, you won't

bite me this time! Well, can you switch off some gadgets at your side like layout so that

the eyes that drool down the screen wont feel bad about the whole thing.
It's just dinze the eyes! Hope my suggestion is good.

unikorna said...

Your pilgrimage is truly impressing, Joy. How I wish I had the opportunity to follow your steps there....astonishing place, filled with spirituality.


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