Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Second Sunday Of The New Year

The second Sunday of the New Year proved to be a happy day!

The joy started when my brother and I attended mass and worship service at the Quezon City Feast.  It was a heartwarming and  glorious celebration of thanking the Lord for all the blessings in 2011 and praying for abundance in 2012.

My boyfriend had lunch with my family and then we went out to watch "Sherlock Holmes" at Blue Wave.

photo was taken from imdb.com

"Sherlock Holmes," starring Robert Downey Jr in the lead and Jude Law as Dr. Watson. It was a fun movie.  A lot of lines by Holmes were hilarious.  It was a good, entertaining movie.  The loose ends at the end of the movie signals that there will be a third installment of "Sherlock Holmes."

After watching the movie, we went to SM City Marikina to buy a new cellphone. It's actually a late Christmas gift and an early birthday gift for me from my boyfriend.  My phone needs replacement because I accidentally spilled betadine solution on it and because of that the words on the screen on the phone are barely readable.

Okay, I am not really into expensive mobile phone because I am stingy by nature. :)  So even if it's a gift, I've requested that it should not go over the set price. hehehe  Besides, I am not really comfortable with pricey phones because I just commute to work everyday.  Carrying a less priced phone will not attract so much attention from snatchers.  For me the brand does not matter as long as I can text and call. Plus, it should be dual sim because I don't want to bring two phones for my Smart and Globe sim.  I have found a perfect phone for me and it's an Alcatel unit.  My boyfriend was pleased with the purchase and I am grateful that he bought me a new phone.

Now, you might be asking why I have two sims if I am kuripot (stingy).  Well, it's because I used to reload cellphone loads; I can't give up my Globe sim because it got 12,000 free texts that accumulated because of my being a load seller before, and I can't give up my Smart sim because my parents and siblings are on Smart and most of them would asked load from me.

After watching the movie and buying a cellphone, my boyfriend and I had an early dinner at KFC.

It was a happy second Sunday of the year!

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Elvirah said...

Even i watched Sherlock Home, it was great watching it. I enjoyed the action, and the little comedy in between.


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