Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Driving Around The Metro

Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I went with his father, mother, sister and nephew to different places around Metro Manila.  We were at Marikina, Tondo and Las Pinas City to accompany my boyfriend's sister to her business transactions.  My boyfriend needed to be there because once her sister leave for Japan again ( she is based there with her family) he would be the one doing the business already.

His sister said to my boyfriend that if he wants to be left behind and just accompany her on some other day it would be okay.  But I insisted that we went with her because we don't have anything plan for the weekend.  And his father said that it would be nice if we could join them so that I could go and see different places.

I on my part was okay with the idea because I don't frequent those places.

Being on a long ride with them was not boring.  There were plenty of things to talk about while on the road, and we had finger foods to munch along the way too.

It was my boyfriend's father who drove, and I was amazed that he knew a lot of short cuts to the places we went through.

Too bad I did not bring my camera with me.  I was unaware that we will be passing by so many historical and beautiful places.

We passed by Binondo Church or the Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz, Jones Bridge, Intramuros, the National Art Gallery,Rizal Park,Quirino Grandstand, Manila Bay and so many monuments.:(

I could have a new set of pictures for these places if I brought my camera.

Rizal monument in Rizal Park

the tamaraw statue in front of the Quirino Grandstand

National Museum - Museum of the Filipino People

National Museum - National Art Gallery

It was tiring to be on the road for five hours but it was still a happy day for me because I got to spend some time with them.


spiky said...

how i wish makapunta din ako sa mga lugar na yan.

reyah said...

luneta is more beautiful at night because of the dancing fountain.


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