Friday, July 08, 2011

Without Connection

It has been a week since our phone lines went dead. I have been reporting the matter to the Philippine Long Distance Company everyday just to have it check and since then there was still no action from their end.

The Customer Service Representative keeps on saying that there is a network trouble in our area and that's the reason our phone lines were not working.

And now even our pldt-dsl is not working anymore.

I don't understand how for almost a week they cannot do anything to repair the broken network in our area.

I can't help but compare the service of Pldt with that of Bayantel. When our phone lines here in the office is not working their technical crew is already present within 24 hours to restore the lines and the same can be said with the dsl services too.

Pldt please do something about your service. Your phone bills reach our house on time and you demand to be paid on time but please give quality service to your consumers.

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