Friday, July 08, 2011

Sharing The Good News

In the Light of Jesus - Quezon City Feast where I attend to hear mass and inspirational talk every Sunday, the members who attend are given complimentary copy of Kerygma magazine at the end of each month.

Kerygma is the number one inspirational Catholic magazine in the country.

After I read it, I usually bring it to the office and I leave it in the reception area of our office with hope that those who are waiting for their transactions at the office will get to read it.

It is my small way of sharing the good news about Jesus to other people.

I also wish that those who read it will be encourage to join the many feasts* around the country and be spiritually blessed.

* feasts - are the weekly prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus Community. There is surely a feast near your area. To know where the venues are you may call -7259999

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