Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Summer Trip

It's summertime! It's the time once again to hit the beach and go on out of town trips.

My aunt invited our family this coming weekend to their beach resort at Bataan to celebrate my cousin's graduation from Medical School and another daughter passing the Medical Board Examination. Our relatives from Bicol confirmed their attendance to the event as well.

Aside from the beach, my siblings and I are planning to go to museums, amusement parks and town fiestas.

The only problem with going on out of town trips is we have to commute. Our owner jeepney cannot be trusted to go on long distances because it's already old and most of its parts are worn out.

The last time we used the jeepney just to have it filled with gas, it wouldn't start anymore at the gas station. Good thing we were at the gas station and a mechanic was around to have the repair kit and the air filter replacement fixed . But since there was only one mechanic at the station, we waited for a long time to have it fix because the mechanic attended and fixed first the cars of the customers who came ahead of us.

I wish we'll have a new car this summer.

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