Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wishing That It Is A Sunday!

I am so tired! I cannot wait for this work week to end. But I am not looking forward to Friday because I still have a meeting on Saturday at our company’s main office. Meetings at the main office can stretch for a whole day.

This has been a toxic week for me. There were a lot of clients that I attended to. Our manager paid a surprise visit at our branch and demanded more sales output at our site plus there were a lot of reports I still have to finish

Add to that was another report given to me yesterday that my manager wanted me to submit to him on Saturday. I have not started on that report yet because I still don’t have the time to talk to my co-worker and brain stormed on that report.

I am staring at this monitor with nothing concrete to write to start on my report but my mind is drifting somewhere. I want to take a breather and just idly surf the net to read the news or play some online casino games or watch the movie “Casino,” or chat with a friend from the other side of the globe.

Can I just skipped Friday and Saturday and go directly to Sunday?

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