Saturday, January 08, 2011

Yummy Angel's Pizza

Have you tried Angel's Pizza and their amazing promo?

My family did and were having a grand time stuffing ourselves with their super yummy yet affordable pizzas. Their pizza is loaded with toppings and the crust is baked to perfection. I can almost taste the mozzarella cheese melting in my mouth.

On New Year's Day we ordered a big family Fancy Aloha and requested for the Extra Feast flavor for our free family pizza. My dad, two siblings, my brother's girlfriend and I had our fill of pizza and we're all satisfied.

So what's their promo?

A VIP Card Holder is entitled to any of these three promos:

* A 20 % off on every pizza purchase

* A free Family Pizza for every Big Family pizza purchase or

* A free Medium Pizza for every Family pizza purchase

This VIP Card is for free unlike the promo card of other pizza store where you have to purchase the card for P350 pesos before you can avail of the free pizza for your every pizza purchase. The good thing with Angel's is that you can order any flavor of pizza of your choice which compared to other pizza store where they limit the free pizza to either Hawaiian or Pepperoni flavor only.

The free pizza I ordered with our Big Family pizza purchase is actually their best seller so that's really value for your money. The Big Family pizza cost us P515.00 only and delivery fee is for free.


Social Weight Loss said...

Whoaa!! I love Pizza :) It looks like so delicious.

Rachele said...

That pizza (both of them) look fantastic. Now I have to have some for lunch.


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