Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sleeping Troubles Again

Last Sunday was not a good night. I was in bed as early as nine in the evening only to fall asleep at almost three in the morning. I was tossing and turning all night trying to get some sleep.I tried trying to relax my mind to no avail and that's the reason I couldn't sleep. I was stressing over something and I was not able to come up with a solution before I got to bed. The stress put a toil on me and affected my sleep.I was only able to get almost two hours of snooze time because I have to be up at five for work the following day.

The following day, I filed for a half day leave so that I can have the entire afternoon to rest. The whole Monday morning I was tired because of the lack of sleep.

When I got home I tried to get a nap but my mind is not cooperating. I was tired all right but my mind is still in active mode. I know that staying in bed is useless because for sure I will be irritated trying to sleep.

So instead of resting the whole afternoon, I find myself cleaning the house and ironing clothes. While doing these chores I keep telling myself that these activities will tire me and will help me eventually have a good night sleep.

I finished my task late in the afternoon I told myself that if I sleep now at five, I wouldn't be able to sleep within my normal sleeping schedule.

With no chores to do I open up the computer and see what Online Match 3 Games I can play.
Match 3 Games offers a lot of Download Match 3 Games I can play to pass up the time.

But before I can finish my online game, my eyes become tired and heavy. I was so sleepy that I was in bed as early as 7:30 pm up to 4:30 am the following day, finally some good night rest.


Robyn said...

So glad to see you finally got a good nights sleep. I understand how awful you can feel when you don't sleep as I've had trouble sleeping myself. When you don't get sleep your mind turns to mush and getting anything straight in your head doesn't happen.

Mizé said...

I can relate to this.
It´s really frustrating when we want to sleep but the mind just doesn´t seem to stop thinking. Sometimes I joke saying I lost my brain off button :)
It happens to me frequently...better saying, my sleep is all messed up but in the next night, I sleep like a baby.
The trick seems to be avoiding going to bed with issues to solve on our minds.


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