Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not Going To Med School

My father called me up at my office this morning to ask if I have the information needed for the National Medical Aptitude Test or NMAT since my aunt wanted to know if I needed the money for the exam.

The NMAT is one of the requirements of medical schools if you want to enrol in their medical programs.

The question came as a surprised because I thought my aunt was no longer interested in sending me to medical school as much as she wanted last July because she haven't mentioned it since then.

When I was a little girl all I wanted was to become a physician like my aunt and that was the reason I enrolled in a pre medical course - Medical Technology.

When my mom died and my father was the only one left to raise me and my two siblings, I knew it would be hard on my father to send me to a medical school.

Despite that financial set-back I still pursued my pre-med course, took an NMAT exam and wrote letters to people who might financially help me with my medical studies. No one responded to that financially support.

My aunt, wasn't able to send me to medical school back then because she has three daughters who are going to medical school as well.

Now, eleven years after I graduated from my pre med course, two of my aunt's children have completed their medical studies. My aunt is now ready and is able to sent me to school.

But the problem is, I don't have the desire to study medicine anymore.

Even if I'm 31 years old already, age is not an issue for me to go back to school. Call me a geek but I love school. I was 25 years old when I went back to college to pursue a degree in education and my classmates at that time were only 17 and 18.

My passion for becoming a doctor has died over the years.

But even if the offer of my aunt came late, I'm still grateful that she still offered to send me to school because she doesn't need to. My aunt is really a generous woman that in a way I feel guilty that I'm turning down her offer.

Oh well, I told my father that I'm no longer keen on going back to school at the moment. But who knows, a series of events may unfold that might lead me to study medicine.


Gayle Herbert Robinson said...

That's absolutely right. What was important to me ten years ago is no longer important. We change as time passes, it doesn't mean we won't take a once desired road another time. But, we have to follow our heart of the moment. Follow your passion that's where you'll get the best results.

Keith said...

I live in California, and aam wanting to attend college again. i, however, am 40, and would never try to be so ambitious as to try medicine... Find your calling.

Sandi said...

I went back to school in the age of 29. I took a break after getting cancer and now, almost 3 years into remission I'm starting my senior year of nursing school. Now I'm 34! So I absolutely know about going back to school. I didn't even want to be a nurse until I got older so I understand desires come and go. Things change with time. I'm excited and can't wait to be done.


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