Monday, November 29, 2010

Confessions of an Impatient Bride

I'm thirty-one and by next year my age will no longer be in the calendar. Although, I'm in a relationship right now with the man I want to be with for the rest of my life there are still some areas in our lives that needs to be fixed before we could settle down. And these issues can sometimes drive me nuts and make me want to literally dragged my boyfriend to the altar. Waiting for the right time can be a very tiring task.

Good thing though I got a chance to buy the book "Confessions of an Impatient Bride" by Rissa Singson - Kawpeng at the Kerygma Conference I attended last Saturday. It's a book on the "Godly lessons you can learn while waiting for the Mr. Right." Well, I can eliminate the last two words because I am just waiting for my Mr. Right to take me to the altar.

I have read some pages already but I'm slowly reading this one because I want to take the time to absorb every word written because it contains gems of truths I must remind myself often specially on the topic of God's love and grace.

I was hesitant at first to buy this book because I'm a little financially challenged a the moment but I'm grateful that I did bought it because Rissa wrote it beautifully.It's like I'm listening to an elder sister who has gone through what I'm experiencing right now and giving me an advice how to handle the situation.

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A Walk Through Life said...

wow, good luck on your future wedding. hopefully and pretty soon, you'll be entering another phase of your life. it's definitely great to be married to "the one".


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