Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Willing Willie

Willie Revillame's "Willing Willie" show is now airing at TV5, Mondays-Fridays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

I am not a fan of Revillame but my curiosity got the best of me and that's the reason I turned the dial on TV5. I did not watch the whole show just some portions of it.

I was expecting that they present something new in the show compared to the previous one he hosted over Channel 2 which is "Wowewee." The stage is built like the one over at Channel 2, same dancers, same songs and the only difference is that its shown in Channel 5.

It is sad because Mr. Revillame still capitalizes on exploiting women as the selling point of his show. His dancers gyrating in provocative moves and wearing skimpy attires is truly an eye sore.

Why can't he come up with game concepts that are innovative and funny instead on entertaining his viewers with women wearing two piece attire?


fetus said...

mr. revillame is adding much to the perpetuation of machismo and patriarchy in our society. the commodification of women in his show is glaring and contemptible.
i agree, instead of selling the show with women, he should come up with wholesome games and entertainment. to think, this is primetime - kids get watch this show too.

joy said...

yes, it is sad that it's shown during primetime and kids get to see this kind of show. thanks for commenting.

Vera said...

I agree! My first reaction too was how the set was so much like the old one, with the exception of the jollibee board overhead. Hehe. Even the opening number and singing is exactly the same. Chuchurut-churut! haha.

Grace said...

Hi sis! Miss visiting your site. I'm glad to be back here. Musta ka na po?

I never been a fan of Willie kaya no comments. hahaha.

God bless you sis!

dondi045 said...

Willie is the kind of person who thinks he can always have his own way regardless of the feeling of other people.


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