Friday, October 22, 2010

Mga Pangitain ni Jethro

If you're an avid fan of the local teleserye "Imortal," you've probably search about "Mga Pangitain ni Jethro" 's blog or at least know about it.

I'm hooked on this teleserye that I was one of those who google search about this blog. It turned out that since this blog was featured only last night, it had 50 comments already in one of his posts. But is he a he or a she who writes in this blog.

Okay, for those who don't watch "Imortal", there was a scene last night where Lia ( Angel Locsin's character ) was researching about Mateo's ( John Lloyd's character ) symptoms on the internet and as she surfs the web she was led to a blog with the title " Mga Pangitain ni Jethro." She was surprised because as she reads the blog it contains a vivid description of all the events that happened between her and Mateo. The blog confused her and she wanted to find out who wrote the prophesies because the blog post were written a month before it happened to her and Mateo.

I was a little disappointed with the blog because I was hoping that I can read in the blog the past episode of the teleserye but it turned out, it only has three entries. :)


Vera said...

I heard that the blog got updated yesterday! I love Imortal, i loved Lobo too. hehe But i don't get to watch regularly :(

Anonymous said...


Miss Innocent said...

hahahaha so funny, i searched about this too HAHAHA what's the name of the link?

im watching right now on you tube. haha

FAIL kase bkt naka log in si Angel Locsin sa account? hahaha


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