Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ryo's First Jolly Birthday!

After my father's birthday last Friday, I get to attend another birthday celebration the following day, the 1st Birthday party of my nephew and godson, Ryo!

He had a Transformers theme party at Jollibee West Avenue, Quezon City.

The last time I saw Ryo was during his christening last January and now he's one year old already. My godson is well-behaved and always have a big smile on his face. He's such one jolly birthday.

I was asked to lead the prayer before the party started and I prayed that he will grow up to be a god-fearing, loving and obedient boy.

I enjoyed the birthday celebration not only because of my special participation in leading the prayer but also because I won in two contests. The first is the bring me contest where I assisted my nephew Ken in bringing the requested item and the other one is in the adult contest boys versus girls; of course the girls won! I gave both my prizes to my nephews Ken and Zak.

We had chicken joy, spaghetti, burgers and sundaes and because there are some guests who were not able to attend we can have a double round of these Jollibee treats.

I love children's party! and I love it that I get to see my relatives from my mother's side whom I have not seen for months.

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