Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday Gift

Last Friday was my father's birthday. My family and I were all surprised when my aunt, my father's sister gave an expensive 32" LCD Flat Television for my father! My aunt is really generous.

I hope I can also shower my father with expensive gifts too in the future. Not that my father is materialistic but because I want to let him know that I appreciate everything that he has done for us and that I love him very much.

If I only have the money, I would love to buy my father a new car. We have an owner type jeepney but because my father has problems with his left leg he can no longer drive this manual type of car. I wish I can afford to buy him an automatic car so he can drive again.

My father's license was to expire last Friday on his birthday and I really insisted that he had it renewed. He had reservation about his driver's renewal because he might not need it anymore because he can't drive his owner type jeep but I told him that it's not impossible for us to buy an automatic car in the future so his driver's license will come in handy and that he can drive again; so the driver's license was renewed last Friday.

I hope I can save up for an automatic car and I even wish that I can buy him an expensive car like a Chevrolet Silverado . For those in Dallas area and having auto repair problems like a brake job, fret no more; for a comprehensive review of the best Dallas auto repair shops and mechanics in you area, try repairpal.com and your problems will be solved.

1 comment:

Rocks said...

Happy birthday to your dad!! May he be blessed with good health and so are you my dear :)


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