Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bedroom Furniture

The bed in our house master's bedroom is one of the last furniture pieces bought by my mother before she passed away. The bed has been with us for fourteen years ( the mattress has been changed several times) and it has sentimental value because it was picked by my mom. But it has been in a not so good state with some of the varnish paint peeling off that I think it has to be changed into a new one.

I was looking for affordable and quality beds that might replace the old one that my father is currently using. And it was really hard to look for beds not because there wasn't enough good products but because there are a lot of lovely pieces to choose from.

I'm particularly eyeing on some rustic king beds because they look very comfortable and invites everyone who sees it to just lie down either to relax or to go to dreamland. :) The rustic beds look really homey and invoked the feeling of warmness.

But choosing any one of this rustic beds make me want to buy not only the bed but also other rustic bedroom furniture like bedroom dresser, bedroom night stand and a rustic chair to complete the rustic look. It would make the room feel so much like the countryside.

Enough with this daydreaming, I must consult my father first if ever he's willing to depart with his favorite bed or will just have it repaired.

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