Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Aunt's Surprise Birthday Bash

Last Sunday our family attended the surprise birthday bash of my Aunt Edna organized by her five pretty daughters.

My aunt is the elder sister of my father. Although, she's the only daughter among five children, my grandfather did not gave her an Eighteenth Debut Party, something she had always wished for. Since, she did not have it during her time, she made sure that each of her five daughters has a grand debut party for their Eighteenth Birthday.

My cousins mindful that their mother did not have the debut party she had wanted when she was eighteen gave her some sort of a debut like party for her sixtieth birthday.

The surprise party was held at Craving's Katipunan. The venue was just right for the Black and White themed party.

Aunt Edna thought that the make-up session she had along with her daughters at David's Salon was because their family is going to have a formal family picture taking at a photo studio.

Imagine my aunt's surprise as she steps into Cravings and saw the many guests - family, relatives and friends gathered together to celebrate her special day.

My aunt is a very loving wife, mother, sister, aunt and friend. She has a very happy disposition, she's hardworking and generous.

To my aunt I wish her long life, good health and more success in her medical profession.

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