Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Corregidor Trip

I don't know why I had this sudden interest in visiting the Island of Corregidor. My parents visited it when they were in college many years ago and the only place they remembered was the Malinta Tunnel.

Perhaps because I had to ride a ferry to go to that island. I never had a ferry ride and it excites me to try how it is to be on it. And probably because I also enjoyed studying History during gradeschool and highschool. I want to put an image on the things I've read about in my History books.

It was not hard to convince my brother Paul to accompany me to visit it because my brother and I share the same interest in History, especially those that happened in World War II.

So we save up, bought our tickets and booked an island day tour at Corregidor through Sun Cruises, Inc.

We woke up early on May 7,2010 and was at the Sun Cruises Offices at the CCP Bay Terminal before 7:00 am to get our tour stickers, boarding passes and buffet meal stubs. We rode a shuttle bus to where our ferry was docked.

I was a little apprehensive riding the ferry because of the many maritime accidents in the past but my fear was erased when I saw the Sun Cruiser II docked at the marina. It was a fairly large ferry.

The Sun Cruiser II was one of the two ferries of Sun Cruises Inc. that brings people to Corregidor. It can accomodate 285 passengers. It can travel at the speed of 23 knots. The cabin crew were courteous and they assisted us to our seats. We even have two marine marshals onboard our ferry.

As we sail off to Corregidor at a little past 8:00 am, the steward gave a demonstration on how to use our life jackets in case of emergency. It was a relief to see that on every seat there is a life jacket for the passenger unlike in the movie "Titanic" were the passengers fought each other for a life jacket. They also pointed to us where the emergency raft was.

As soon as all the safety precautions were said, my brother and I immedietely went to the upper deck to see the view of Manila Bay and to take pictures.

just a few minutes from the Manila Bay

When we got tired of all the picture taking session, we went back to our seats and watched the video presentation on Corregidor. After the film, Ed Baguio, one of Sun Cruises tour guides gave a history of Corregidor.

It was amazing to learn that Corregidor's history dates back to the Spanish era. Because of Corregidor strategic location and proximity to Manila Bay, the Spaniards already used Corregidor for her naval defenses against the Chinese pirates, Dutch and British Invaders.It is also called "The Rock" because of its rocky formation and fortifications.

The Americans started fortifying the island by installing guns and mortars and the Island became known as Fort Mills.

Because of its fortifications, Corregidor was the last to surrender to the Japanese forces that invaded the country.

The hour trip was a breeze and soon we were greeted by Corregidor with the Bataan Peninsula on its north and Cavite on its south. Geographically speaking, Corregidor is nearer to the province of Bataan but its interesting to note that the island is under the municipal jurisdiction of the province of Cavite.

The north dock of the island with the mountainous regions of Bataan on its North.

It was a low tide when we reached Corregidor so we have to disembarked through the upperdeck.

I was giddy with excitement when I saw the Tranvia buses that will take us to the different sights and historical landmarks of the Island.

The tranvia or the trams were the main mode of transportation in the island during the American Occupation of Corregidor.

We were on bus no. 3 with Kuya Bobby as our tourguide (the man with glasses leaning against the glass) and Kuya Jerry our bus driver. The bell on the left side of the tram rings when its time to visit another site.

I'll continue my post on Corregidor starting with the landmarks that can be found at the tail end of the Island.

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Rocks said...

wow!! I want to do that also :) how much sis? I'll start saving soon and hopefully hubby and me can go before summer ends :)we both love history din.

jenskie said...

hi po! wow, nag tour ka pla. i am hoping to go to this place this year, but for now, i am booked to go island hopping in bicol sa Caramoan island kc i am a bicolana pero di ko pa naikot ang bikol region. hehe... anyway, ang ganda ng tranvia, parang nasa ibang bansa lng.

Tetcha said...

We visited Corregidor several years ago when my son wasn't born yet. It was a really nice experience for my husband, me, and our friends.

Joy said...

@ rocks - sis, a day tour inclusive of the fare for the ferry, entrance fees for the shrines, guided tour and a buffet lunch cost P1999.00 per person

@jen - gusto ko rin pumunta sa Caramoan, one of the places my brother and i want to visit as well.

@tetcha - corregidor is truly a memorable trip for me. i want to go back .

Enchie said...

Thanks for posting this Joy, we're planning to visit Corregidor anytime :)

Looks like a nice place something to look forward to judging by your pictures :)

Vera said...

Joy, you have any idea if there's overnight accomodations and if that would be worth it?

joy said...

@enchie - corregidor is beautiful! franky will learn a lot about our country's history.

@ vera - there's an overnight package which is at 2900/pax. i suggest you go with the overnight package because there's so much to see and you can do at corregidor that a day trip is not enough. :)

Cagayan de Oro philippines said...

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