Thursday, May 13, 2010

Corregidor's Batteries and Barracks

This is the continuation of my Corregidor Island Tour
Because of Corregidor's strategic location which partially blocks the entrance of  Manila Bay, the Spanish colonizers already used this island as a naval defense against Chinese pirates, Dutch and British invaders.

During the American occupation of the Philippines, the American Government started fortifying the island with 23 batteries consisting of 56 coastal guns and mortars placed around Corregidor. It also has 13 anti-aircraft artillery batteries, 76 guns and 10 60-inch Sperry searchlights.

Corregidor's Batteries or Gun emplacements
- this batteries where named after American army officers who died in the country in the early 1900s. The following were some of the still intact batteries in Corregidor that we visited.

Battery Way and Battery Geary proved to be the most effective batteries in its campaign against the Japanese forces in World War II.
Battery Way - has four 12-inch mortars capable of firing 700 lbs shell in a distance 14,610 yards that can penetrate the thick wall of warships and against enemies in Bataan. A crew of 14 personnel was needed to fire the mortar and was equipped with anti-personnel firepower. The mortars of Battery Way continued firing until it frooze tight on May 6, 1942 when the Japanese took over Corregidor.

Entrance to Battery Way

The four mortars of Battery Way

bullet holes on one of the doors found in Battery Way

the holes on the walls of Battery Way caused by the heavy aerial bombing of the Japanese troops.

Battery Geary - eight-12 inch mortars made up this battery and this battery was considered to be the most effective anti-personnel firepower against enemies entreched at the mountains of Bataan. Each of the mortar was capable of firing a range of 14,610 yards at any direction.

It was directly hit by a Japanese bomb and all its crew died in an instant.

Battery Hearn - has a 12 inch seacost west-ranged gun, firing at approximately at 29,000 yards. It was found intact by the Japanese soldiers and was used by the Japanese force. But it was later on neutralized by the American aerial bombardments in April 1945.

Battery Crockett - has two 12 inch seacost gun mounted on a disappearing carriage. It was capable of firing at a range 17,000 yards and was capable of 170 degrees traverse. It is located at the center of the island and it fired often in the direction of Manila Bay.

The barracks just like the batteries were not restored to its original state after the war in order to show the destruction brought by the war and to honor the valiant men and women who fought and served in Corregidor.

Metal braces were put up on some of the structures to prevent the further degradation of the buildings.
From the ruins of the barracks you can have an idea on how heavy the fighting and bombing that occured in the island during WWII.

Middleside Barracks - made up of 2 three story building located at the Middleside of the Corregidor where the members of the 6oth Coast Artillery Regiment and the 91st Philippine Scout Coast Artillery Regiment were billeted, later it was occupied too by the 4th Marine Regiment.

Topside Barracks (Mile Long Barracks) - where the army officers and enlisted officers stayed. It is hurricane proof and is 1,520 feet long. It is less than a mile but this three story building is the world's longest barracks in the world during its time so it became known as the Mile Long Barracks. General Douglas MacArthur's headquarters can also be found here.

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