Thursday, May 20, 2010

He Loves Basketball

My brother Paul loves playing basketball and watching basketball games on television. He would watch the UAAP, NCCA, PBL, PBA and of course the NBA and every other basketball league.

Now that the NBA season is on its semi-final round, he would ask my father to watch the games in the morning to relay the result for him because he is at the office working. During the weekends, he would wake up early to catch the games on television.

Often, I would tease him because he would get caught up in the game. I would catch him mumbling his disgust when the referree makes the wrong call or his favored team makes the wrong moves and he would scream at the top of his lungs when his favorite player makes a crucial play.

He is that passionate about basketball.

If ever he's into sportsbetting, I know that he would be rooting for the Boston Celtics versus the Orlando Magics in the Eastern conference and his basketball team sports bet is on the Phoenix Suns againts the LA Lakers in the Western conference.


pipay said...

hi. came to visit here with some smiles..
Good for your brother. I'm wondering about my son, no interest on basketball volleyball and etc.. but he loves music , playing guitar

Miss casanova said...

Good for your brother ,
Most of the basketball player is tall .
hope your bro can become like them :)

bambie said...

hi sis! i love basketball too. i always make sure i finish my articles early especially on wednesdays, fridays and sundays so i can watch PBA. LOL!

btw sis, i've an award for you.

hope you can grab it!☺


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