Thursday, April 15, 2010

Side Trip To Luneta Park

My brother and I went to Manila Ocean Park last Friday. We rode the lightrailway train (lrt) line 2 station from the Aurora Boulevard Station to the Recto Station and from their rode the lrt line 1 station from Dorotheo Jose to United Nations Avenue Station.

Upon alighting from the lrt, we can ride a cab to Manila Ocean Park which is behind the Quirino Grandstand but my brother decided that since it was still early we should just walk to the Manila Ocean Park passing through Luneta Park.

We enjoyed walking through Luneta Park because even if it was a sunny day the trees around the park provided shade and cool breeze to us.

And because it was a holiday on that day, a lot of people were on the park having picnics with their families. There was also a group of Korean tourists having their picture taking at the Park.

It has been ages since my last visit to the Luneta Park and I would love to explore the other areas of the park but because we're pressed for time we can only afford a few minutes at the Luneta.

Maybe some other time.


shimumsy said...

in fairness, luneta park looks clean.

lira said...

wa Chowking. I miss that. You make me drool hehe.

baterya said...

woooaaaa. luneta is truly been a part of the Philippines and I remember when we have relatives going here in manila and it is there first time we always bring them there.

Anyway have you heard the the future development that will be constructed in Manila bay but it i near SM Mall of Asia and it will be dubbed as the New Nayong Pilipino - check it here

bambie said...

hi sis! tagal ko na di nakapunta sa Luneta. last yta musmos pa ako. :)

btw, about loudlaunch...hay naku. they rejected my post kasi daw ndi nila makita yun URL eh ang linaw ng instructions nila that once approved, they'll send all the links and the post sa e-mail pra mapost sa blog...hay naku...ang gulo!


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