Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chowking's Orange Chicken

Right after touring theManila Ocean Park, my brother and I were already hungry because it was almost one in the afternoon when we went out of the oceanarium.

Chowking was one of the food outlets at the Ocean Park and because it has a great view of the Manila Bay we decided to eat there and try out Chowking's Orange Chicken.

I had the ordinary orange chicken meal which is P84.oo and my brother had the orange chicken lauriat at P114.00. Drinks are not part of the meal yet so we had iced tea and nai cha tea.

Orange Chicken - Lauriat

Orange Chicken Meal

Chowking's orange chicken is made of breaded chicken strips topped with a sweet orangey sauce. For the lauriat aside from the orange chicken, it also had kropek, crispy noodles and a serving of buchi.

I like the breaded chicken strips but I don't enjoy the orange sauce because it taste bitter to me instead of sweet. So I ate my meal and enjoy it by eating the chicken strips without the sauce.

We capped our lunch with halo-halo for dessert.


shimumsy said...

wow sarap naman ng lunch nyo. we don't have chowking here at the east coast but west coast has a lot.

jenskie said...

thanks so much for the blog comment :)

oh, i love orange chicken in chowking.

have a lovely day! looking forward to more adventure and lovely posts.


Mhar's Display said...

Woah! My all time favorite, Halo-halo :)


bambie said...

kakagutom naman sis!☺

btw, i've something for you:


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