Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clash Of The Titans 2010

My boyfriend and I watched "Clash of the Titans," last Sunday.

I was hesitant at first to see this movie because I've skimmed through an review about it in a newspaper saying that it's a boring movie. It's just too bad that I was not able to thoroughly read it to know the basis why the author of the article found "Clash of the Titans," unexciting. The author said that the Clash of the Titans movie released in 1981 was better than this 2010's version.

With the not so good review about the movie, I watched it with little expectations. I was surprised however to find out how entertaining it was. I actually enjoyed watching it. Boyfriend even said that he liked this better than "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief," because he does not like the modern day setting of a greek myth in Percy Jackson.

And just like " Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief," I find myself being reacquianted with my lessons on greek mythology when I was in highschool. Watching "Clash of the Titans," revived my interest in greek mythology.

This movie which is loosely based on a greek myth about Perseus stars Sam Worthington and the movie was directed by Louis Leterrier.


Vera said...

Oh where did you watch it? We also just saw it on Sunday at Greenhills. The story was okay although it all seemed so simple. There was not much conflict. And the effects weren't magnificent that it wasn't worth it to watch the movie on 3d. We enjoyed it nonetheless. :)

David Tamayo said...

This movie was not AVATAR by any stretch of the imagination. I agree with Vera, the effects were not that great. That being said I liked the cast of this movie. I probably would not have spent the extra to watch it in 3D if I could do it again, but I would still watch it. Great post! Take care. ;o)

Gracie said...

Gosh, I also wanted to see this movie ala lang meng kasama. hahaha. I hope I can still watch it.

By the way, thanks for the info about blogadvertising. I really appreciate it. Buti na lang at un pa lang ang nasusulat ko. hehehe. Kapag di nila ako binayaran, thanks to me na lang. Hayz... dami na talagang scam noh? Are you still writing paid post? Looking for another opportunity po kasi. hehehe. Thanks po ulet sa info.


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