Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Father's Third Birthday

It's my father's third birthday today!

I know the title does not make sense. :) How can he be my father when he's just three years old?

My father's real birthday is on August but for kidney transplant recipients like him they consider their date of transplantation as a second chance at life - a new birthday. Every time he goes to the National Kidney and Transplant Institute either for a fellowship with other kidney recipients or for check up they always asked one another when is their second birthday or when was the date of their kidney transplantation?They don't call it anniversary but they refer to it as birthdays.

Today is a blessed day for our family. We are grateful that my father had a successful kidney transplantation three years ago and because of it we still had our loving father with us. We continue to be thankful that my father is healthy and his kidney graft is doing well in my father's body.

I am also specially grateful to my brother Paul for not hesitating to be my father's kidney donor. Thanks bro! I love you.

I started a blog that chronicled our family's kidney transplant journey. I've only have a few posts there but I hope I can write more posts in the coming days. I put up a blog about it in order to share and give inspiration to those who are undergoing the same experiences we had three years ago. Here's the link.


Gorgeous MUM said...

Happy 3rd birthday to lour loving Father! Every milestone of his so-called 2nd life should be celebrated! Wishing him continued happiness and good health!

Gracie said...

Hello dear! Thanks for the message you left in my blog. Yep, I am more than happy and relieve now that hon-hon is doing great. He made sure that he will make it up to me so he made sure that he will be online for 3 consecutive days. I know that he will have to sacrifice as he need to wake up at around 2 am just to talk with me. LOL!

I am so glad to read your latest blog about your father's birthday. He is very lucky and really deserve to enjoy every minute of it. You guys are very lucky as well to have more time with your dad. I am really happy for you.

Happy Palm Sunday!

shimumsy said...

happy birthday to your dad. enjoy this special day with him.


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