Saturday, March 06, 2010

February Wrap-Up

Last month, I made a post on my January wrap-up on the first day of February, for this month though I'm late for six days.

Anyway, I make this wrap-ups to summarize what has transpired the last month and at the same time make a list of the things I'm most grateful for.

February is my favorite month because it's my birth month and at the same time seven days after my birthday is Valentine's Day.

I'm grateful because on those two occasions my loved ones never failed to show me how I'm so much love and appreciated. Both occasions were celebrated at home over delicious home-cooked meals.

My book reading project started in February and I'm proud to announce that I've finished reading two book and I'm done making a post about those books. I'm currently reading my third book.

One set back for last month is I have to rest from running and exercise. I've been sick for two weeks.

First I have a bad cough for a week and in the last week of February I was little freak out because I have difficulty in breathing at night, it turn out that I have asthma attacks during night time.

I am slowly getting back to my exercise routine.

I am grateful that I'm well now.

There has been few writing opportunities last month compared to last January but still I'm thankful that I've got some bucks on my paypal account.

February has been a good month and I'm looking forward at what is in store for me this March!


bambie said...

I hope you accomplish everything for this month. May this monthe bring lots of blessings to us all! :) Happy weekend sis!

Gracie said...

Im happy to know that Feb. had been a great month for you. I wish you well and I hope that March and the succeeding months will be a lot better for you, not only for your lovelife but for your work and family as well.

God bless you sis! Muah!

jenn_US said...

that's good to know you're right back on track and that you're feeling better now. have a great week ahead.

btw, when you get the chance, kindly visit my travel blog. it's Thanks


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