Monday, March 08, 2010

Extraordinary Measures

I have a huge crush on Brendan Fraser! I don't know eversince I first saw him in the Mummy movie, he became my ultimate crush. I heart him big time.

I'm so excited to learn that he has a new movie with Harrison Ford. I just hope that it will be screened here in the Philippines.

Extraordinary Measures is a film based on a book " Cure" by Greta Anand inspired by the true story of the Crowley family. John Crowley (played by Brendan Fraser) has two children sicked with a mysterious illness. He then tracked down Dr Robert Stonehill (played by Harrison Ford) who does research on that particular illness. John does all the extraordinary measures to secure the huge funding needed for the research in finding the cure for his children's illness.

The movie wants to create awareness about the Pompe disease. A degenerative disease that cause muscular atrophy and the enlargement of the organs of the body.

This is my first time to see Brendan Frasier in a drama because I often see him in those adventure type of films- The Mummy Movies, InkHeart, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. I want to see how he will fare in this movie genre and to see him act alongside Harrison Ford.

I already asked my boyfriend to have a movie date with him when this film will be shown here in the country.


Jenn said...

wow that's exciting. im sure it's going to be a hit!

thank u nga pala for visiting my travel blog. Hope to see you there again!

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52 Faces said...

haha I had a big crush on Brendan Fraser back in the day - starting with when I saw him in With Honors. He's gotten kind of out of shape now, but maybe for the film he got it together. :)

alf said...

yah he is really cute. gotta watch out for this movie too.

Gracie said...

Ay napanood ko ito last sunday. Grabe nakakaiyak ang movie. I like Brendan too. Like ko rin si Harrison kaya di ko talaga pinalagpas ito. Buti na lang my friend like ito kaya un join kami. hehehe


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