Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Father and Daughter Bonding Time

Last Saturday, my father and I were the only ones left at home. My youngest brother has worked every Saturday while my other brother has a party to attend.

Because I was not in the mood to clean my room but I know I have to put order to my room, I decided to watch on DVD "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief," while folding my clothes and rearranging my closet.

My father on the other hand was just reading the paper so I invited him to watch the movie with me.

At first, he was hesitant to see it because it seems like a film for children but after convincing him that it's entertaining, we watch it together.

It was fun watching the movie with him, there were some instances that he would asked me about the previous scene and I just pause the movie and explained to him the scene. It would have been perfect it we have popcorn to munch on why watching the movie.

Good thing though, the scheduled brown out in our area happened just after the final scene was shown.

My father cooked our lunch and I prepared our afternoon snacks.

At six in the evening, my father and I attended the anticipated Holy Mass at Saint Joseph Shrine.

It was a lovely Saturday spending some quality time with my father.


jenn said...

i remember my bonding moments with my dad is by watching sports show on TV especially PBA and Boxing, hehe

Vera said...

That definitely looks like time well spent. :)


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