Thursday, March 25, 2010


I was encoding results in my computer and I felt like something was moving my chair. I then realized that it was an earthquake. I was about to shout to my co-employee that there was an earthquake, stand up and run to the nearest exit when the shaking came to a stop.

I was just surprised because my office mate and the clients he was talking too did not react at all and were busy chatting with one another as if nothing happened.

With those reactions from other people I thought that it wasn't an earthquake at all. Perhaps I was just dizzy from staring too long on the computer's monitor.

My brother texted me that the National Capital Region experienced an intensity 4 earthquake and that the epicenter of the earthquake is at Mindoro with a 6.00 magnitude.

I'm not sure if the information passed on to me has been verified. I'll definitely watch the evening news later to know more about the earthquake.


bambie said...

funny, i didn't feel it. neither did my SIL. we were both home that time. but my brother who was at the shop felt it kasi he readily called up the house to ask if we felt it.

Laane said...

I saw at another blog that there has been an earthquake.


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