Monday, March 22, 2010

Challenging Days Ahead

It's a challenging week for me and for my family. First, my father's blood sugar is elevated I really pray that he's not diabetic.He's having a medical check-up later in the afternoon. Second, my youngest brother is having problems at work, he's up for a panel meeting with his superiors tomorrow and I'm struggling with the family budget because unwanted expenses keep coming up.

I feel I'm starting a week with so many bad things going on.

But I find my consolation from this verse from the Bible

"Let your hope keep you joyful,

be patient in your troubles,

and pray at all times." -Romans 12:12

The challenge is not really on my father's condition or my brother's problem at work nor is it about financial concern because all these worries will come to pass; the challenge is how to keep my spirit joyful and patient during this trying time. Hopeful in God's promises that He will take care of me and all my loved ones. He is our Healer, Provider and most of all my Father who loves me so much.

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