Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And the Blessings Keep Pouring In

And the blessings are pouring in:

My father's doctor did not say anything about him being diabetic, she just prescribed a different medicine with a higher dosage. So probably his elevated sugar is manageable. I'll make sure that he watches what he eats and that he exercises. He is scheduled next month for another laboratory exams.

I've said in my previous post that I'm having problems with our family's budget because unwanted expenses keep popping up; but I was a little relieved when I checked our electricity and water bill it amounted to less than what we paid for last month. We were able to save a thousand peso from our bills. And the new set of presciption drugs for my dad's medication is also less compared to the set of medicines last month.

As with my brother's problem at work, he decided that he'll be resigning from his post second week of April. I know that it's the right decision because he's not happy with the present management. It was a good thing he has emergency fund, he has money that he can use while applying for his next job.
I can't wait for the next good news to come.


Gracie said...

Hello sistah, thanks for your comments in my blog. I really hope hon-hon is doing ok. I'm really worried about him. But I just keep on praying for him. I know that in God's grace, things will be alright.

I am also glad that your dad is doing great as well as your brother. I know that your brother will get a job that he deserve.

Stay sweet, pretty and happy always.

nurseabie said...

Congrats ate. God loves you so much..


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